How To Call Real Phone Numbers From Skype With No Credit

With Skype, everyone can make outbound calls to mobile or landline numbers around the world.

But what if you have no credit left or never added credit? You can still make calls from Skype with $0 credit.

How is this possible? A new service from lets you get a “Skype-callback” right to  your Skype software and get connected to the telephone number.

Typically, a web callback service looks like this:


You can now initiate the same “call back” where “YOUR PHONE NUMBER” is simply your Skype username. And the first leg of the call is free. You don’t have to pay for incoming call to Skype.

How to use the  service:


  1. Fire up Skype.
  2. Go to and enter your Skype username
  3. Enter the phone number you want to call. The system will call you first and connect you to the number you want to reach.

This service may be quite useful if you do not have any credit left on Skype. This option is often cheaper per-minute than using Skype. For example, Skype charges:

Spain mobile from Skype: $0.31

Canada from Skype: $0.024

Latvia from Skype: $0.07

Russia mobile from Skype: $0.071

Kazakhstan from Skype: $0.175

Using the service provided by you can get much lower rates – 3 to 20 times lower than Skype, in fact:

Spain mobile via Skype-callback: $0.091

Canada via Skype-callback: $0.005

Latvia via Skype-callback: $0.027

Russia mobile via Skype-callback: $0.037

Kazakhstan via Skype-callback: $0.008

How does it work, technically?

After you click “Webcall” on the DIDlogic website, you get a window with destination option. Chose “Skype” from the dropdown list and enter your username (coolguy123 for instance).


Type in your Skype address and enter the number you wish to call:


The system will ring your ‘coolguy123′ Skype account – you will see this as in incoming call:


Answer the call.


You can also make calls from your Skype to any SIP address (completely free), from your SIP software to any phone in the world (only pay for 1 leg of the call – incoming SIP is free), or even call for free from any SIP to any SIP (checkout for prefixes of SIP networks).

Last but not least, you can use the Webcall from DIDlogic in a traditional, old-fashion way – that is, enter 2 real phone numbers and click “CALL”. You will be connected at the same rock-bottom rates.

Source by Didlogic

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