How To Launch An iPhone Repair Business In Less Than A Month

The iPhone repair industry has taken off. Some people discussed the opportunity bug years ago, and started repair companies and others, are now just getting on the bandwagon. Whoever you are, there is a lot of broken iPhones out there and innumerable tools to reach people.

The startup cost of an iPhone repair business is at minimum, $ 500.00. That's because you're going to want to have at least 2 of each model screens ready for replacement. Telling customers "I have to order that part," will, in many cases, send them off to your competitor to do it in 20 minutes on-site.

But, the first thing to make sure is that you have a reputable parts distributor. Do your research. Make sure you're dealing with an actual company, rather than an Amazon seller. Getting parts from shady places is sure to get you parts that break, and do not work like they're supposed to.

Next step, marketing. Sure, you can use Craigslist, in fact I suggest it but the real way to launch an iPhone repair business is quickly to connect with the people you're trying to reach, through some kind of social media channel. But, here's the important part. You can not just pop up and start saying you fix iPhones. People will not listen to you if you start tweeting out offers.

People only really care about what you're doing when there's some kind of emotional connection between you and them. You have to be initiated. People have to like you and the fastest way to show them you're just a regular, likable person, is to use the power of video.

Get in front of a camera, start filming yourself doing crazy things, and tie it into the iPhone repair operation you're running. That could be making videos of you fixing the phones. It could be filming you go through the process of getting parts, and talking about it. It could even be you going to the customer's location, or them coming to yours if you have one, and doing the meet and greet or phone drop off.

People like human content and video is the most powerful human content you can create. Spend 60 percent of the time talking with people on social channels, and the other 40, creating and sharing videos and content around your iPhone operation. With 4 hours a day, and a little tenacity, you can grow a great awareness around the fact that you fix iPhones and start getting some leads.

Since this industry is fairly new, even though it's been around a while, there is still so much room for more repair people. Your market needs people like you. They break their phones every day and to get it fixed through their carriers normally requires buying an absolutely new phone. And no one wants to do that.

Source by Ryan Critchett

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