Reverse Telephone Number Identification

Reverse telephone number identification is a very clever and very hand thing. It can help you to protect your children, check out the phone calls of a cheating spouse and even protect you from bad people that are in the world. However it can be argued that searching for a name, address and other personal information from a single phone number is a bad thing and that it is an invasion of privacy, which in some ways it is.

Think of it this way, if you had a bad past, for example, you got arrested for something stupid one day and faced criminal proceedings and then turned your behavior around, would you want a potential partner or employer to be able to search for this information from your mobile or home number? You want to forget about it and start all over again not have to relive your past every day for the rest of your life. That is the bad side of reverse telephone number identification; it can give very personal details away to practice anyone as long as they are willing to pay for it and it has the potential to ruin lives.

On the other hand, it can help a concern parent look up who their child is talking to which is a good thing when you consider internet grooming and other such horrific things that happen in today's society.

There are always two sides to every story and like most things in life, the reverse telephone search argument is one that is bound to go on for some time with no hint of a right or wrong answer.

Source by Chris Redstone

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