What Are the Benefits Taking Omega 3?

Essential fatty acids or EFAs are fatty acids that are necessary for good health. EFAs can not be made by the body and need to be delivered through the diet. This addition may be in the form of food or in the form of a dietary supplement. Essential fatty acids are placed in basically two categories, omega -3 and omega -6. Fish oil is a source for some of these much needed fats, and is in fact, a good source for the addition of omega-3 essential fatty acids to one's diet. It is beneficial to include this in your diet either by eating certain fish or consuming supplements.

Good food sources of fish oil that may be included in your diet would be herring, mackerel, menhaden, salmon and sardines. These fish are fatty, fresh, deepwater fish and are found to contain EFAs. These sources provide more omega-3 factors than other fish because they have a higher fat content than other sources of fish. A four ounce serving of cod fish contains only three hundred milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids. Cod is an example of a low fat fish. But on the other hand, a four ounce serving of salmon may contain up to three thousand six hundred milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is an example of fatty fish.

Cod liver oil should not be considered a good source of fish oil for EFA take because there is a danger of overdosing on the vitamins it contains. One could overdose on such vitamins as vitamin A and vitamin D in order to take enough of the oil for the benefits of the essential fatty acids it contains. Therefore it would be more advantageous to consume the oil as a supplement form.

Diabetics should consume fatty, fresh, deepwater fish for the benefits of EFAs. However they should not take fish oil supplements because of the high fat content.

Because of the high levels of omega-3 contained in fish oil it is believed by some experts that consuming fish oil in any form, either in food or a supplement, can help to regulate your cholesterol. It is also believed to be valuable for its anti-inflammatory properties. Other recently conducted studies have shown this oil may have positive effects for those suffering from depression and for those at risk for suicide.

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